Fishing Actvity in Large Marine ECOsystem No. 51= Hydrography + Bathymetry + Hydrology

Large Marine ECOsystem ~ 51 ~ “Kuril-Oyashio Front”


Fishing Activity in the areas of South & North of Kyril Islands (incl. Simushir & Ketoy Is-s) as on 28 June 2018 @ 12:00 UTC


Hydrology of the LME 51 ~ as on 28 June 2018

OCEANSsurfaceTemperature~NWpacific~10june2018~in C only

3D’s Bathymetry of the LME 51’s seabed

NWpacific~LME_Kurill Islands_OCEANseabed in 3D

3D’s Bathymetry of the Simushir’s & Ketoy’s Islands’ Fishing Grounds

NWpacific~Simushir Islands-Fishing Grounds Bathymetry in 3D

Simushir’s & Ketoy’s Islands’ Fishing Grounds’s Depths’ Data

Click title to show track
Fishing Grounds DEPTHs' Data

Applied Fishing Grounds Depth Data in 3D ~ auto-collected & corrected & updated & saved, – while fishing

Bathymetry ~ Simushir Island ~ NWpacific ~ Russia ~ 200 miles EEZ

над пропастью, по самому по краю ...

Simushir & Diana Straight in 3D

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