DeepSea Fishing Grounds ~ West of Macquarie Island ~ AUS’ 200 miles EEZ

DeepSea Fishing Grounds

West of Macquarie Island 

Australian EEZ



[osm_map_v3 map_center=”-54.6532,158.9247″ zoom=”8″ width=”100%” height=”900″ file_list=”,,,” type=”OpenSeaMap” file_color_list=”#0000ff,#ff8040,#ff0000,#008000″ control=”fullscreen,scaleline,mouseposition” map_border=”thin solid blue” file_title=”Lat & Lon & Depths’ Grid,WaterSheds & StreamLines Intersections,UPwelling & Its Strength & Directions,Bathymetry & Major Fishing Activity Tracks’ area” file_select_box=”one”]

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